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I was born in Rennes, France, from a French mother and a Congolese father. I was introduced to drawing by my mother, an art teacher, as I was very young. Thanks to my father, I had the opportunity to experience a multicultural environment. This sums up my creative work, based on multicultural inspirations and hand drawings which guides me in my projects.


After studying at the Superior School of Art and Design at Saint-Etienne, I had the opportunity to work in Paris as an graphic designer assistant in different studios such as Forget me not and Violaine & Jeremy.


Following this Parisian experience I decided to broaden my horizons by moving to Brazil, São Paulo, where I started working for the Cidade Matarazzo project. It is also here in Brazil that I was introduced to the practice of handpoke tattoo which for me is a new medium of creation always linked to the principle of the mixture of cultures.


Today I work in partnership with personal customers as a graphic designer, illustrator and artistic director. I am always looking for beautiful creative partnerships!

Editions Moinhos

Don't Call me Jennifer

îlot Magazine

Caroline Maluhy Architecture

Candy Brown

Time For Fun

Triptyque Architecture

Marcos Proença



+33 7 58 29 86 67

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